The standard of our hot-dip galvanizing process are in compliance with EN ISO 1461 : 2009 (E) “Specification for Hot-Dip Galvanizing coating on iron and steel articles” published by British Standard Institution or ANSI/ASTM A123-84 “Standard specification for Zinc (Hot-Galvanized), (Low – lead galvanizing as required under coating specification. SHDS-CPLATING -SPEC) coating products fabricated from rolled, pressed and forged steel shapes, plates, bar and strips”.


Upon receipt of steel works and articles from the client, the Store Supervisor will check and confirm the following before issuing a Factory Order.
☑ Actual items, size and quantity against client’s Delivery Order.
☑ Cropped gussets, vents and drainage holes to allow proper zinc flow in steel work.
☑ Non water base paintings or identification markings, tars, heavy oil patches, glue and stickers or labels.
☑ During delivery and transportation handling effects.


Should there be any defects as mentioned above we will notify the client as quick as possible. Upon receipt of a client’s confirmation and/or instruction from the client to proceed, the Plant Manager will make the necessary corrective adjustments as deem necessary and if required, seek further consultation with the client. There after, the hot dip galvanizing process will begin. (Galvanizing Procedure here)

Upon completion of the galvanization process, the steel will then be checked by the QA supervisor with a SIRIM approved magnetic gauge to ensure the quality of the work done. Prior to delivery, the store supervisor will then check and confirm the following:

➡ Item and quantity
➡ Packing
➡ Documentation


Our previous work includes galvanizing:

❂ Angle, Channel & Hollow
❂ Boom, Pipe & Pole
❂ Bracket
❂ Expanded Metal
❂ Fencing
❂ Gate & Frame
❂ Grating
❂ Stay Rod, Anchor Bolt & Y-Bar
❂ Steel Structure
❂ Water Tank
❂ Wire Mesh